Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh Poor Me

I just need to complain for a minute. Brent got a new job (yea!) after four months of being home all day. I'm not complaining about the employment. I'm complaining about the toddler now that her daddy is missing all day long. She is more than twice as whiney as usual, and there is no one but me to deal with it.

I have a stabbing pain in my sacrum that makes me limp when I walk and cry out in pain whenever I switch positions too quickly.

I woke up seven times last night. I hardly slept at all. Consequently, I'm tired and will have another hard day dealing with toddler whines.

Brent had a large package delivered recently that was full of styrofoam. Jenny has had much fun playing in it. Consequently, I have styrofoam all over my house now, the distribution of which has been greatly aided by Lucifer (a.k.a. Loki) as he likes to bat the peanuts down the stairs. My back hurts too much to get on the floor and pick the mess up.

I've hit that stage in pregnancy when you start to feel like a whale. I don't think I'm all that huge yet; I'm barely 26 weeks. But everything is getting harder to do, such as: put on my shoes, get on the floor, get off the floor, get in and out of the car, pick up my daughter, clean my house, stand long enough to cook dinner, etc.

However, despite my "poor me" attitude, I recognize that I am extraordinarily blessed. I know of a woman who is 38 weeks pregnant with her second child, and her husband has barely recognized the pregnancy. He has depression and anxiety and is an alcoholic. He is giving her no support whatsoever. Can you imagine?

I know another woman who is in late pregnancy whose husband works 48 hour shifts in a town 2 hours away. She's a little concerned about him being able to make it to the birth.

Then there's one more girl I know who is also pregnant, and the father of her child left her two months ago. Then a couple of weeks ago he met a girl on a cruise and they're getting married next month.

AAACK! I'm so glad I married the right person at the right time. I am saved all that stress and unhappiness. I have a man that is ecstatic to be a father again, that loves playing with his little girl, and that is totally supportive of my pregnancy and birthing plans. His new office is about 10 minutes away from home, and he can get here whenever I need him.

I am surrounded by loving and supportive family.

My little girl is as gorgeous, talented, and intelligent as children can come.

I have a nice home in a nice neighborhood.

My husband has a good job that enables me to be home with my children.

Suddenly my little set of trials is feeling very insignificant and I'm feeling guilty for even mentioning them. I guess I whine as much as Jenny does.

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shelley said...

whining is good for the soul. Especially when people you love listen and empathize.

Thanks for the visual of Lucifer and the peanuts. Made me laugh.