Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Week's Frustrations

1. The delivery of my new bedroom set has been delayed by another week. I can't wait to get into that king sized bed! I need more space for my growing belly and my 17 pillows.

2. My back feels like a knife is stabbing me just above my right hip.

3. I once again have failed at my domestic duties and haven't cooked dinner for my family once this week. Somehow we still have food to eat, it's just not very exciting.

4. I lack creativity and inspiration. I have no ideas about how to teach this Sunday. Correction: I have lots of ideas but all of them are LAME.

5. My kitchen faucet now leaks out the back AND the side, and it is worse when I move it to the right side of the sink.

6. My freezer stinks. I'm too lazy to clean it.

7. I seem to be accosted by pushy sales people where'er I go. I'm too polite to say "Yo! Shove off. I'm not interested."


Laura said...

I just had to laugh when I read your #1 frustration. I remember waking up one morning when I was pregnant with the twins and said to Len "we need a king bed NOW"! I've never seen him run to the store so fast (before I changed my mind), because he'd been begging for one forever & I didn't want one.Now it's our favorite thing to have all 4 kids in bed with us to cuddle for an hour before we have to get up each morning. You'll love it! Cheri was so kind to show up with dinner every now & then when I was pregnant. It was the best surprise ever, because I also did not feel like cooking. So, if you ever need Cheri! I'd be happy to bring dinner anytime too!

Jennifer and Nathan said...

I love how Laura just totally volunteered Cheri to cook you dinner! What good neighbors you have! I'm not a domestic goddess at all! I get WAY to distracted by more creative things. Like right now, my one assignment for the day is to do the dishes because Nathan's been doing them the past 3 days. Our rule is if you cook the other gets to clean. Well, since he cooked last it is my turn but my snobby inner muse tells me I have much more important work to do! I salivate over creative projects, but cleaning...yuck! Anyway, don't get too down on're doing important work just housing little James! Plus you have the most understanding husband in the world! You've got it all, sister! And you'll be getting a king-size bed! You're on top of the world!

PS-the word verification is "bedit!" How appropriate!

shelley said...

I didn't know you were getting a new bed! How exciting! And of course I laughed out loud at all of your frustrations because I share them. I love this idea for the blog and I think I will copy it. My sisters are the best too.

Matt said...

Bekah here...just want to tell you that I love popping in on your blog to see what you are up to. I love it! (don't feel like you need to pop in on my blog becuase it's kind of sad right now and I know it...but will attempt to work on it.) Just want you to know that I miss you!